Wormhole is not your ordinary space company list. It goes beyond that by providing a holistic view of the entire space economy's supply chain spanning 20 years. By establishing contractual connections, Wormhole seamlessly links space companies to their
end users/customers, connecting all organizations involved in the supply chain.


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Space Infrastructure Companies

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Launch Vehicle Firms

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Investors and Financial Instituitions

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Government Agencies

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Customers of the Space Segment


The space economy's entire supply chain is categorized into 5 key segments: Space infrastructure and services, launch vehicles, government, finance and capital flows, and end users of the space industry.


Effortlessly search for any organization within the vast space economy supply chain with just a few clicks.


Uncover the vast array of opportunities within the space economy as you delve into more than 500 specialized subsectors. Explore each subsector in-depth, gaining valuable insights into their individual dynamics and potential for growth.


Efficiently analyze the interconnected space economy's supply chain, examining contracts and economic events across 3000+ space companies and their associated organizations, all intelligently linked together.


Explore the deep interdependence between the space industry and the global economy, where their intricate relationship influences and shapes business dynamics on a global scale.


Access comprehensive financial data, funding information, and details of mergers & acquisitions within the space economy.


Gain access to comprehensive data about the launch vehicle sector. Explore details about individual payloads and customers on each launch mission.


Gain critical insights into the launch sector's landscape through thorough contract analysis of past, present and future launch missions

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What is Wormhole?

Wormhole is an all-encompassing directory that catalogs every company, organization, and government entity associated with the commercial space/NewSpace industry. It presents the economic information of the space industry's supply chain in the form of an interactive 'economic map,' allowing users to analyze data, extract insights, and gain valuable intelligence.

• Over 20 years of Commercial and Government space industry data covering 2000+ companies.
• Intelligent linking that connects the entire supply chain for comprehensive insights.
• A truly interactive database platform for seamless exploration.
• Tracking of 500+ sub-sectors within the space ecosystem.Detailed data on commercial contracts, including manufacturing, services, products, finance, operations, partnerships, and government tenders/grants.
• Comprehensive coverage of investors, financial transactions, and M&A activities.Tracking of downstream industries influenced by the space sector.
• Identification of customers within the space industry.
• Personnel and contact information for relevant individuals.In-depth analysis of the launch industry and government missions.

With Wormhole, users can delve deeply into the intricacies of the space industry, gaining valuable insights and uncovering hidden opportunities within this dynamic sector.

What can Wormhole offer a space company?

Wormhole provides organizations with the capability to track intricate commercial data points across the space economy supply chain, resulting in the generation of unique and valuable market intelligence. Here are a few examples of how Wormhole's insights can be utilized:

1. Supply chain tracking: The space industry involves complex supply chains with numerous stakeholders, including manufacturers, suppliers, launch service providers, and customers.

2. Data-driven business development and commercialization: Leveraging Wormhole's comprehensive data, organizations can drive their business development and marketing strategies by making informed decisions based on detailed market analysis, identifying potential opportunities, and tailoring their approaches to meet the needs of the space economy supply chain.

3. Competition analysis: Wormhole equips organizations with the tools to conduct in-depth competition analysis within the space economy supply chain. By understanding their competitors, organizations can identify market trends, assess their relative positioning, and make strategic decisions to maintain a competitive edge.

4. Customer acquisition: Wormhole's rich database enables organizations to identify and target potential customers within the space economy supply chain. By gaining insights into customer preferences, needs, and behavior, organizations can optimize their customer acquisition strategies and tailor their offerings accordingly.

5. Access to investors, financial transactions, and M&A activity: Wormhole offers valuable information on investors, financial transactions, and merger and acquisition activities within the space economy supply chain. This data can be instrumental in identifying investment opportunities, forging partnerships, and making informed financial decisions.

6. Collaboration: Wormhole facilitates collaboration among team members by providing secure access to the shared data repository. It allows for seamless sharing of market intelligence findings, reports, and insights, fostering knowledge sharing and collaborative decision-making. Wormhole also ensures that space professionals have access to the most up-to-date information. This enables timely analysis and responsiveness to changing market dynamics.

By leveraging Wormhole's unique intelligence capabilities, organizations can unlock the full potential of the space economy supply chain, driving growth, and staying ahead in this dynamic industry.