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Chandrasekhar Limit

What You’ll Get
Organization wide deployment
24/7 dedicated customer support
Same price guarantee for the next 2 years
USD $8500
for 12 months

Event Horizon

What You’ll Get
Organization wide deployment
24/7 dedicated customer support
USD $ 6000
for 6 months


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The space economy's entire supply chain is categorized into 5 key segments: Space infrastructure and services, launch vehicles, government, finance and capital flows, and end users of the space industry.

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Effortlessly search for any organization within the vast space economy supply chain with just a few clicks.

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Efficiently analyze the interconnected space economy's supply chain, examining contracts and economic events across 3000+ space companies and their associated organizations, all intelligently linked together.

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Explore the deep interdependence between the space industry and the global economy, where their intricate relationship influences and shapes business dynamics on a global scale.

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How do I purchase Wormhole?

We offer an individual licensed access to Wormhole with two options: a 6-month subscription or a 1-year subscription. These licensing options provide users with the opportunity to explore and utilize the extensive capabilities of Wormhole for either a shorter or longer duration, based on their specific needs and requirements.

Click on ‘choose plan’ at the top of this page and follow the link to the payment page.

What do I get along with a license?

With Wormhole, users gain access to a comprehensive range of services designed to enhance their experience. These services include personalized training sessions to ensure effective utilization of Wormhole's features and functionalities.

Additionally, Wormhole provides 24/7 operational support, ensuring assistance is readily available for any inquiries or technical issues that may arise. To further cater to user needs, Wormhole offers customized reporting services, delivering tailored insights and data analysis. Through these services, Wormhole aims to maximize user satisfaction and optimize the value derived from the platform's capabilities.

What happens after I purchase Wormhole?

Our key personnel will immediately contact you after your payment is through to deploy Wormhole at your organization.